Our Team

Arrived was born out of a college dorm in 2017, where prior classmates Scott, Tanner, and Maxx began with hosting travellers in several subleased apartment units near their university.

After hosting over 2,000 trips in 45 vacation homes across 9 cities, the Stay Arrived team decided to launch their national brand.

Arrived has a financing arm where they underwrite deals and acquire in-house properties, but has also built the capability to onboard externally owner properties into their management system.

Whether owned in-house or managed by Arrived, all properties living within the Arrived ecosystem meet specific quality criteria to provide a luxury experience to each guest, every time.

Scott, founder of Arrived, has been an active investor in real estate since 2016 and has experience performing underwriting and due diligence on $500M+ acquisitions. Scott has experience analyzing financials for $60B divisions at a top 10 fortune company. Scott has managed opening setup and operations of 40+ short-term rental units. Scott completed his education at the Marriott School of Business with a BS in Strategic Management.

Maxx, co-founder of Arrived, worked at Deutsche Bank on the FX Derivatives Trading Desk after studying Mathematics with a probability emphasis at Brigham Young University. He has worked for two Venture Capital Funds and helmed one-off tech start-up businesses. Maxx oversees Arrived Partners’ STR management operations and technology development, including regular interface with our offshore management team in Guatemala and the Philippines.

Tanner, co-founder of Arrived, brings experience from working for the largest commercial real estate services and investment firm in the world, and has performed in the top 1% in sales production year over year for a sales team of over 6,000+ reps. A devout real estate investor in residential opportunities, Tanner successfully managed 15+ short term rental properties. Tanner graduated with honors in the Business Management program from Brigham Young University.